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What is Missing?

Here in Brighton the last days of 2017 were stormy, with high winds and rain turning to snow. Just before Christmas I stepped out of the cold to enjoy a warming cup of hot chocolate in a local café. The … Continue reading

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Half Full? Half Empty?

There is a glass of water sitting on the table. Looking at it I ask myself a familiar question, “Is this glass half full or half empty?” Sometimes I am sure the glass is half full, at other times I … Continue reading

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Did you make new year resolutions for yourself this year? It’s become something of a tradition to dream a self we would like to be and then set goals to achieve that. We wish to improve ourselves, become better… or … Continue reading

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Slowing down

Life can sometimes feel overwhelming. Every moment of the day is filled with something that demands our attention: jobs, children, family, housework. We are bombarded with information every day – advice on how we should be, products we should buy … Continue reading

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Body Resonance and the Client-Therapist Relationship

Body Resonance is a quantum medicine approach to health and well-being that recognizes the effect consciousness has on physical health. It is an approach that is informed by the quality of connection between therapist and client, or more precisely, the … Continue reading

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