About Body Resonance

Body Resonance is an approach to health and well-being that recognizes the effect consciousness has on physical health. It is based on the principle that all is in vibration. In fact quantum mechanics suggests that all is vibration and, furthermore, indicates a universe in which everything is inter-connected.

Temple Luang Prabang, LaosOut of this perspective there developed a view of health termed “quantum medicine.”  Although perhaps overused and with New Age connotations, I find the term useful because it describes a prospective medicine that views life, health and disease as a network phenomenon, and the body and mind not as separate and distinct but as aspects of one body-mind which includes the physical body as well as emotions, thoughts and beliefs.

From my perspective, everything has a frequency at which it most naturally vibrates. Each part of the body has its own resonant frequency, and these parts vibrate together to create a harmonic state of being.

As with the individual, a resonant frequency also exists between people, indeed within any group of people – families, schools, organizations, businesses etc. In this resonance a consciousness arises that is somehow ‘more’ than any individual’s awareness – a gestalt of awareness, perhaps. Another level of intelligence begins to manifest when a group of people are together living and/ or working with each other in harmony.

Life’s challenges can disrupt what I consider to be a natural harmonic state. We are all connected, in ways that are both conscious and unconscious. The interrelatedness of one body with all others, and with the universe at large, makes life a universal and not an individual process. If one part of us is out of balance, it affects the whole.

Mekong BoatsBody Resonance begins with the premise that healing is contained within each individual, and that ‘disease’ is a collective event. And, because of the interrelation of all bodies, therapy is a two-way process between client and practitioner.

Body Resonance is not a technique. It is an approach that is informed by the quality of connection between therapist and client – or more precisely, the engaged presence of the therapist.

As practitioners, what is going on for us personally will affect the ‘session’ with our clients. Body Resonance supports the practitioner to become aware of the subconscious motivations which affect the client/practitioner interaction, the practitioner is able to see more clearly what the client actually needs. This engaged presence, in my experience, determines the outcome of a treatment in a way that far exceeds any technique applied.

As an approach, Body Resonance can be applied to any technique or method as it encourages a more open ‘field’ in which healing can arise.


cloudlight“The deeper I seek freedom, the less I seem to know, the more I am able to give myself up to simply experiencing. All the time I sense there is something ‘new’ that is waiting to come in, something that has perhaps never been embodied before. I wish to give myself to that act of creation.”